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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Center for Security Policy Calls for H.R. McMaster’s Termination

The Center for Security Policy on Monday called for the firing of National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster for “disloyal and subversive behavior.”

“If such misconduct is tolerated, Trump voters will have unknowingly elected President McMaster,” the Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney said in the statement.

The organization said McMaster was undermining President Trump’s policies on “virtually every important foreign and defense policy issue,” and they commented on his recent purge of staff members who support the president’s agenda while keeping “large numbers of Obama holdovers” at the National Security Council.

“No voter in this country – not one – elected H.R. McMaster to run U.S. foreign policy. Actually, the winner of the 2016 election was a man who opposed virtually every aspect of the McMaster agenda – and that of the president who made its architect a three-star general, Barack Obama,” Gaffney said.

“At every turn, the Army general has been insubordinate to his Commander-in-Chief. For example, he has openly opposed Mr. Trump on ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’ Syria, Qatar, Iran, Russia and the Muslim Brotherhood. Of late, McMaster has taken to purging Mr. Trump’s most loyal staff members,” he said.



Anonymous said...

McMaster is a war hero, and one of the most intelligent military minds of the last few generations. So highly thought of, his book Dereliction of Duty, is now required reading for those in officer training school in the military.

HR McMaster rightfully is reining in a novice who's own policies typically contradict the novices own foreign policy!

Anonymous said...

The East Coast Center for Advanced American Foreign and Domestic Policy and Culture adamantly says that he should stay. The ECCAAFDPC meets every Thursday at 8 p.m. around our kitchen table. The meeting begins after the first shuffle of the cards.

Anonymous said...

Factors to consider:

The article is from Breitbart, which Bannon worked for; just saying.

I'm concerned about what is being said about the quality and views of 3 he recently fired; they seem well-qualified and in sync with President's goals. He'll have to square their dismissals with those above him.

ALL of the generals/admirals President has appointed made it through Obama years with intact careers and promotions; many of their peers did not. So their actions now they aren't under Obama's thumb deserve close scrutiny as to their true colors.

Just observations.

Anonymous said...

He must go. He is part of the coup against Trump. If the left wins this it really does mean game over!! Once we remove the leader the people choose the end is near. Trump is doing well everywhere the media and left are trying to get you not to look.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell with all the fake news propaganda going around what to think on this McMaster guy. I think I'll defer to Mr. Trump to make this call.

Anonymous said...

This is easy. All the left wing media loves McMasters. Sure sign he is the enemy of Trump.

My feeling is he and Kelly staged a sucessful coup and Trump is for all effects removed from office.

They call it a silent coup as they allow him to live, use him for a spokesman. He is not at all in power.

The lies of the White House AC. No that was fixed in a huge project from 2010-2014. Kelly had a staff meeting after Trump was forced out of the White House with this lie. They tried a second lie that it was just the Oval Office. Hello Trump has the residence he could have used.

Hopefully exiled Trump can regain power. What I pray for.