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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Timmy Walk Off: While Haters Keep on Hatin’, Tim Tebow Just Loves Lucie

Always consider the source. In this day and age of fake news, that advice rings more true than ever. Those words make a lot of sense when it comes to Tim Tebow as well. The Tebow haters are loud and plentiful. The weird, visceral hate for the man is of Palin-like proportions. Tebow’s crime? Being a Christ follower, a good guy, and a heck of an athlete.

The secular can’t stand Tebow. After all, he is a devoted Christian. There is no place for God in the secular world, so to them Tebow is bad. Snarky reporters and pundits who—to paraphrase Jack Buck—wouldn’t know a baseball if it hit them in the lip, despise Tebow. They’re jealous. Liberals cringe at the thought of Tebow. The man serves God first and foremost. Not to mention he’s all about work ethic and giving his all. While Bernie Bros look for handouts, Tebow keeps it high energy. To the leftists, #15 is Public Enemy #1.

Tim Tebow is one of the greatest college football players of all time. While leading Florida to multiple national titles, Tebow haters hated for sure, but they couldn’t criticize him for anything on the field. Tebow’s Gators ran over the competition and he gave the glory to God all the way through. The haters were drowned out by the fans in the Swamp.

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Anonymous said...

Haters hate. It's what they do. All we can do is drown out all that is that hate with love.

Anonymous said...

And he gives back generously to his community. Wish all athletes followed his example! The world would be a better place. A child of God, he has been blessed with the grace to rise above the hate.

Anonymous said...

As a roll model for kids, who would you rather have .....Tim Tebow or Colin Kaepernick. I'm just waiting of the media to start picking on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. He just signed a huge mega million dollar contract. The very first thing he did was tithe 10% right off the top to his Christian based charity.

Anonymous said...

The NFL would rather have America haters with low moral character.

Anonymous said...

God Bless him and those that follow him!
What a refreshing role model to have for
our children!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem that many have with Tebow:
1. They think he's a phony. A grandstander.
2. He constantly wears his religion on his sleeve.
Some believe that you need not shout out your praises in public to your God each time you feel blessed for an accomplishment (like scoring a touchdown).
The same type of person that feels this way most likely feels the same about Gays: That they don't need to make something as personal as their sexuality a public event. Just live your life!
God has blessed Tebow, and he is well aware of that. That, to some folks, should be enough.

Anonymous said...

Tim tebow did the same thing Brian bosworth did, he merely created an image while knowing all the cameras were on "him". He knew he wasn't talented enough to play quarterback at the NFL level. The problem is again he doesn't possess the talent to play at MLB level and how is his constant sideshow fair to the one minor league player whose position he's taking just because, admititingly by the mets he a ticket seller. That to me says nothing about the Christianity I read, but someone who is full of prise and arrogance and living for his flesh

Anonymous said...

1056 and VERY LARGE wallets and purses for buying the NFL logo!

Fattin up frogs for snakes!!!

Anonymous said...

What people find distasteful is that when Tebow is doing well, they use it as a justification for their specific deity. When he doesn't, then you hear crickets.

He is a talented guy, for sure, but if it were not for the attention brought upon him by religious folks, no one would care or know who he is.

Also, to correct the article, it uses "secular" incorrectly. Only a secular society can have religious freedom. Our country is a Secular republic. Secular does not mean "no god"... it means not favoring any specific god. If we were not secular, then we would be a theocracy of a specific religion... and that is not very American I think... sort of violates the first ammendment of the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

11:44 To each his own - your down beat opinion did not change my mind about Tim Tebow

God bless you Tim. You are a blessing and loved by my boys

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Tebow was one of the best QBs in college, and a first round pick in the NFL.

Did he somehow forget how to play the QB position once he got to the NFL? Of course not.

I've read enough about his career, that a lot of football insiders believe the Broncos' coaching staff royally screwed up his natural mechanics he was successful with in college, by trying to convert him to the "traditional" pro-style of a NFL QB. It didn't work.

In the years since Tebow, NFL coaching staffs have more or less backed away from that philosophy, allowing successful college QBs to be themselves to a certain degree. Recent examples are Russell Wilson & Cam Newton.

Anonymous said...

And there's no place for atheistic pagans in America! Our Constitution was written for a just and moral people.

Anonymous said...

No place for God in America. So sad. You have to hide your beliefs in religion, politics, etc.

Anonymous said...

@4:55 & 7:52

What, are you even talking about? Do you even know?

Pagans, by definition, are not atheist. The Constitution was written for all Americans.

How do you have to hide your religion in a nation that is 75% Christian? You can't walk down the street without going past multiple churches and seeing swaths of cars with Christian bumperstickers...

What are you even talking about?