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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Senate Obamacare Hypocrisy

By Thornton Crowe

As many of you already know, the Senate is having a difficult time getting all Republicans on board with Obamacare repeal and replace initiatives in spite of it being one of the cornerstones of them getting control of both Houses and the Presidency in 2016. It would seem they would catch this staunch message from the American voter who has watched their healthcare skyrocket, but it seems those in our government are still mute!

Last week, we learned that Arizona Senator John McCain had to have major brain surgery - even though the media is trying to paint it as just a simple surgery. Serious as it is, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has delayed healthcare voting due to his absence, even though McCain has been jellyfishing all over the place. If you really think about it, one reality comes for that may explain why the Senate and House are so lackadaisical about the Obamacare situation.

If you recall, when Obamacare passed, all government - including House and Senate members - was exempt from the highly flawed 'law' based in unconstitutionality. In fact, no Senator has Obamacare nor do they have to follow any laws pertaining to it. For 80-year-old John McCain, that's a good thing because, had he been forced to have Obamacare, chances are, he wouldn't have his brain surgery at all.

Most seniors verify they have been forced to have end-of-life discussions with their physicians should any serious illness surface. Meaning most elderly folks over 60 years old are now faced with the "death panel" tactic where they are told, any life extending surgery will likely be denied by Obamacare which includes Medicare and Medicaid.

While Liberals claim there are no 'death panels,' this is as close to official as one can get because non-medical bureaucrats in the insurance structure make the decisions when or if you get surgeries based on your age and your 'worth' to society. Population control anyone? Sure by having a physician do their bidding for them, they avoid overt connotations to ugly comparisons; however, it's a sophisticated way to manage population utilizing subterfuge methodology but it is control all the same.

Senate and House members' personal exemption from the rules the rest of us have to live by correlates as to why they are in no hurry to repeal the Obamacare disaster which has cost Americans billions while providing virtually no coverage at all - especially to those in need of coverage.

For the time being, McCain should count his lucky stars he was exempt, because had he been been Joe Blow America, in all likelihood, he wouldn't be alive right now!

On a local level: what does this mean? Well, if they let all the senior citizens die, who would inhabit Salisbury besides thugs and malcontents? Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

It means nothing. I lost my insurance because the price had been jacked up to 14K a year. Between that and taxes it left me living on less than 23K a year. So I went ghetto. I couldn't afford it and figure if I get sick I will claim bankruptcy. I just do not care anymore. I am tired and quit fighting to try and keep up with my financial downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

The Senate better get off their butts and make something doable for us or they will suffer the consequences. 2018 can't come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

My mother had one of these talks with her doctor when they discovered she had breast cancer. She's in her 70s. They told her insurance wouldn't cover anything past chemo. No surgery would be covered at all.

Anonymous said...

7:56 AM Thats a lie. Find another doctor.

Anonymous said...

801 that's no lie and we've gone to three other doctors. Thanks for your idiotic input.

Anonymous said...

If Republicans pass any bill that supports corporate welfare to the insurance companies they will pay a serious price come 2018. The swamp rats(both reps and dems) are only looking out for their insurance co. hand out for their re-election campaign. The only one that has the right idea and is being honest is Senator Rand Paul. The swamp rats just will not do the right thing and they will probably lose the advantage they have now.

Anonymous said...

8:37 AM that is a lie. they pay for illness surgery, but not cosmetic surgery. Depending on her 2nd insurance, if she has it, they will also pay what Medicare doesn't pay.

Sorry about your mom, but instead of being an idiot yourself I suggest you contact Medicare directly instead of taking the word of a doctor that doesn't know what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Ironically he's passing a law that would not allow someone with a pre-existing condition to be able to pay for brain surgery that was needed. Health is not a commodity.

Anonymous said...

7:56 That is a lie -
Indications and Limitations of Coverage
Reconstruction of the affected and the contralateral unaffected breast following a medically necessary mastectomy is considered a relatively safe and effective noncosmetic procedure. Accordingly, program payment may be made for breast reconstruction surgery following removal of a breast for any medical reason.

There are also non profit agency's that will help with cost
Secondary Insurance can at times cover what Medicare wont
Medicaid may also help

Anonymous said...

I think the Republicans are dragging their feet because they know it's career suicide.

The right wing media has done a great job campaigning against the ACA, and the conservatives legislators have stood up to oppose it to look good for their voting base...

It can absolutely be argued that the ACA raised rates, and didn't meet promises, which directly led to the republicans being voted into office because the ACA directly impacted voter wallets.

While the republican voting base wants a repeal, when pre-existing conditions are no longer covered, people are dropped from their insurance, and rates go up, and when people go into "high risk" categories... people will be inclined to once again vote with their wallets.

If their "new" program doesn't work, nor is it dramatically better than the ACA... it will walk us all one step closer to a single payer system, as long as it can be shown that it will be less expensive.

Death panels are really no more than a scare tactic. Who do you want deciding health care policy? A profit driven company? Or a not profit driven public board? I think that is a simple answer.

Anonymous said...

7:47 we have been saying that for 10 years. unfortunately they care about power not us. we will see what Trump does. that is our hope. they just need to throw the whole thing out. do not replace it take the government out of it

Anonymous said...

"Brain Surgery"??? It must have been an exploratory. He has no brain function left.

Anonymous said...

Just let OBAMA CARELESS CARE >> Crash and Burn and go back
to the way it used to be >> work and get your own Insurance

Anonymous said...

First of all I am angered by the double standard.
Second, We The People need to change it so that Congress passes no law that exempts themselves!

Anonymous said...

The first mistake made with initiating Obamacare was to add 10,000 government administrative jobs to be new middlemen in an already broken system claiming this would "reduce costs by $2500 a year.

Pelosi agreed

Today, we have Republicans trying to keep all those government slop hogs employed and making the plan "better".

Guess what.

GTFO of "healthcare" and give it back to the people. Those gov. admins will get their unemployment checks just like we all did back then.