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Friday, July 21, 2017

The Year Without An Arctic Summer

The Greenland Ice Sheet is gaining near record amounts of ice this year. Very little melting has occurred this summer, which is about to start winding down.

Temperatures on the Greenland Ice Sheet have been extremely cold, and broke the all-time record for Northern Hemisphere July cold on July 4, at -33C.

Temperatures within 300 miles of the pole have been below normal every day since the beginning of May.



Anonymous said...

Wonder how long it will take someone to blame it on Pres Trump

Anonymous said...

Cut it out,will ya?

Everyone polar bears are drowning because the ice has melted.

Anonymous said...

I think Al Gore already has blamed Trump.

Anonymous said...

Global warming started at the end of the last ice age...Ask Nancy Pelosi she was there.

Anonymous said...


Did you read the article or even the headline?

The Arctic had no SUMMER. It's record cold there!

Anonymous said...

The movement of the jet stream has been very successful and created a lot of change in weather patterns.
It is managed by the US Military with land based star wars weapons or ionosphere heaters.