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Friday, July 21, 2017

Overdrawn at the Credibility Bank

While nobody was watching -- because the legacy media is still trying to figure out how they can have Donald Trump Jr hanged for treason for talking to Russian lobbyists for 20 minutes -- the legacy media itself is starting to notice it's gone way overboard. There were three pieces this weekend: from pointing out the lies that have been told about Trump; from pointing out that the babble about Trump or Trump Jr, having "committed treason" was nonsense; and from The Week, pointing out the lack of content in the Russia outrage, and that, yeah, the fact that previous presidents and candidates have done something in the past does mean that Trump doing it is not unprecedented.

Honestly, the legacy media -- CNN especially -- has had a pretty bad six months. I won't go through the whole list, but some of my favorites were when CNN reported breathlessly that Trump asked for two scoops of ice cream at luncheons in the White House; when CNN accused Trump of inciting violence by tweeting a pro-wrestling GIF and then, following the general finger-pointing and derisive laughter at their reaction, their open threats of doxing the guy they thought made the meme; and then when the Comey testimony was coming up, reporting that "sources" were saying Comey would refute Trump's assertion he wasn't under investigation, only to have to retract when Comey's written testimony was released.


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Anonymous said...

Look, frankly the whole Donald Jr. speaking to the Russians thing is a lie that the Liberal Media cooked up to try to diminish a Good Man's Reputation. Those of you who believe this Ever Happened are What's Wrong with America! Grow up and do some Critical Thinking rather than relying on CNN for all of your News!