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Friday, July 21, 2017

Albuquerque Tea Party granted tax-exempt status after 8 years

It’s taken nearly eight years, but the Internal Revenue Service finally granted tax-exempt status to a Tea Party group in what lawyers representing the group on Wednesday called a “major victory for free speech.”

Graham Bartlett, president of the local Tea Party, said he was informed about a month ago that the group's request was going through, The Albuquerque Journal reported.
The group filed its request in December 2009. Several months later, the IRS demanded more documentation concerning the organization's activities. The group complied, but then the IRS requested even more documentation. The Tea Party provided more than 1,000 pages of documentation about the group's activities. Eventually, it filed a lawsuit against the IRS.

"What I understand is the IRS was targeting any organization that had the name 'Tea Party' in it or the word 'conservative,'" Bartlett said. "We weren't the only ones."



Anonymous said...

The Obama IRS was weaponized for 8 years.

Anonymous said...

And never investigated.

Anonymous said...

Lois Lerner had no comment.

Anonymous said...

Lois Lerner took the 5th, with the expectation that she would incriminate herself. There's something wrong with a government whose leaders can't be forthcoming under oath in congressional hearings. It's as if they're part of some other government, one that doesn't have the best of intentions for the U.S.