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Friday, July 07, 2017

The County Executive Speech Word For Word No One Else Would Publish

“Yesterday morning at 11:50 AM, our County Attorney, Paul Wilber, sent an email to all Council members, advising them not to go forward with the hearing on the forensic audit because it was based on false statements. You will see there was no fraud in an attachment to the forthcoming press release.

Council’s conduct has been legally reckless and financially irresponsible as they pursued this fruitless witch hunt! They have defamed innocent employees for a political hit job against me. Their actions are appalling and dishonorable considering their positions in our government.

While we have a policy of transparency, no further comment will be made, because this is and always has been a personnel issue, subject to privacy protections under State and Federal law. Further, there is a strong likelihood of litigation from one or more damaged employees.”


Anonymous said...

Nice work, Cannon. How about you step down from your questionably attained presidency.

Anonymous said...

How did Cannon become president of the council in the first place when he was so deficient he was outed for a period? Why would anyone reup with this guy when he got voted out before? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Concerned citizen said...

Amen but he is still bashing after the fact Dr Ennis and Bob Culver
He needs to go and his entire council

Anonymous said...

Kilmer is to blame for this. I heard by a reliable source he convinced the majority to vote for John Cannon as President for his 3rd term.

This guy is a RINO. He is really a Libertarian with more liberal views.