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Friday, July 07, 2017

Indictments outline new charges against officers, new defendants

BALTIMORE —There are new federal charges and new defendants in a far-reaching corruption case against current and former Baltimore police officers.

The new indictments released Thursday lists more allegations of how officers used their authority to steal money and drugs.

The new indictments charge two civilians -- a cousin and a friend of a police detective -- with using the power and equipment of the Gun Trace Task Force to commit a home invasion of a store owner.

The new indictments stretches the allegations against officers in the city's Gun Trace Task Force to 2014.



Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me cops can't be trusted?

Anonymous said...

Corrupt police officers?
Say it 'aint so!

Anonymous said...

Jesse, Imclain, maybe there's a THIRD set of laws?

Piteous. These guys need LIFE imprisonment, but death may be more appropriate.

I'm trying to imagine any lower forms of life here...

Anonymous said...

Imagine that, going after the white cops.