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Friday, July 07, 2017

Chicago police express frustration after more than 100 shot in violent Fourth of July weekend

The Chicago Police Department says it is conducting "a very comprehensive review" after the city experienced one of its most violent Fourth of July weekends in recent years, with at least 102 people shot between late Friday afternoon and early Wednesday.

"We're doing a debriefing," said chief police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. "The mood here is frustration."

The review will include an analysis of how "amateur fireworks" might have affected the ShotSpotter system, which captures audio of gunfire and attempts to pinpoint its location for quicker deployment of officers. The system is deployed in the Englewood and Harrison districts, traditionally among the city's most violent.

"It's perplexing," Guglielmi said. "We deployed some very successful tactics over the Memorial Day weekend." Yet those same tactics did not seem to work as well over the Fourth holiday.



Anonymous said...

....conducting "a very comprehensive review..."
That shouldn't take too long.
Let me help:
1. Guy selling/buying drugs.
2. Guy buying or selling the drugs has a gun.
3. Dispute over the sale.
4. Somebody gets shot.
See? How long did that take?

Anonymous said...

I nominate Chicago as the 1st American City to have a 100 foot wall around it. From the lake, 20 miles north, west and south!


lmclain said...

They need more gun laws.
Maybe raise the taxes of the middle class to pay for the carnage the ghetto losers bring upon themselves (none of THEM have insurance, give a F about insurance, or worry about any penalty for not having it).
Perhaps closing off some middle class neighborhoods and going house to house with no warrant, of course, searching all those law-abiding "we aren't doing anything wrong, sir!" houses at gunpoint.
Set up some roadblocks too (AKA: Nazi checkpoints) for those middle class citizens so, while on their way to WORK, you can impress upon those (possible, maybe, could be, criminals how serious you are about gun violence. Shoot a couple of citizens who don't like it. Just to impress them further.
Whatever you do, DON'T go into the Southside looking for trouble. They shoot back.
Keep cheering.