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Friday, July 07, 2017

Supreme Court ruling property rights

Liberty is slowly dying in this nation. The battles where liberty dies are mostly not the headline grabbing stories, but instead small cuts that help reduce this nation to despotism.

One of the cornerstones of liberty in America is property rights. In other nations, past and present, the sovereign could take a citizen’s property and the citizen was simply out of luck. Our founding fathers so feared the power of the government to take private property that they included what is known as the “takings clause” in the Fifth Amendment.

The Fifth Amendment is one of the most expansive amendments to the United States Constitution and it includes the takings clause; which states, “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

Recently, the committee of nine unelected lawyers known as the Supreme Court gutted the Fifth Amendment. The case was called Murr v. Wisconsin.



Anonymous said...

Try to develop a commercial property in Maryland and it will prove to you that property owners have no rights.It takes years,thousands of dollars in engineering just to have some council member or resident shoot it down.

Anonymous said...

Poor telling of the story. They could sell the two lots as one lot. Or the one lot only to the County.

The jest of the article is correct. Nearly $400,000 was stolen from them by not allowing the sell of the lots separately.

We are all serfs. We just call land rent taxes. Taxes cost more than the house over time in many cases. Often there was decent freedom to move under the old system and receive value for the property. Sort of like living in a Trailer Park these days. Except the Duke or whatever could just take your house and all if he did not like you.