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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rush Limbaugh: GOP Runs Show, Needs to Act Like It

After years of trying, Republicans finally control both chambers of Congress and the White House, but are making no progress on the conservative agenda, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said Monday.

"Six months into a Republican administration, after how many years of promises to, say, repeal Obamacare, and we're not an inch closer to it in reality than we were before last year's election?" he told his radio audience. "It's not gonna get any better than this. The only way it could get better is if this Republican majority were populated by more conservatives and different ideological types."

Limbaugh also noted President Donald Trump's tweet earlier in the day in which he called on investigations into Hillary Clinton and any connection with Russians.

So why aren't the Committees and investigators, and of course our beleaguered A.G., looking into Crooked Hillarys crimes & Russia relations?
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 24, 2017

"What Trump is talking about here . . . 'Why aren't these Republican committees, why aren't these Republican investigators — why isn't my attorney general — looking into Hillary Clinton's crimes?'" Limbaugh said. "If you're gonna investigate what all went on with Russia, how in the world do you leave the Democrats out of it? How do you leave Hillary Clinton out of it?"


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Anonymous said...

Rush, the GOP is NOT on Trump's side and are against him at every turn, so your theory that the GOP "Holds the WH" is absolutely wrong.

The American People hold the WH. The Senate and Congress are held by the GOP.

It is simply the American People against the Establishment, and this next 8 years may not turn out as past years have, physically speaking.

There is much to be gained by working with OUR President, and much to be lost by not.

I am hoping for the former, but am ready for the latter.