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Thursday, July 27, 2017

AT LAST! Mizzou Has Officially Fired Both Employees Who Bullied Students During Mob Protests

Officials at the University of Missouri’s flagship campus in Columbia have finally rid themselves of the administrator and the professor who physically and verbally attacked student journalists during the eruption of Black Lives Matter protests that rocked the school’s campus in November 2015.

The firing of both taxpayer-funded employees — mass communication professor Melissa Click and senior associate director for Greek life Janna Basler — took 20 months.

Basler, the Greek life director, shoved up against a lone student photographer Tim Tai as he attempted to capture images for a local newspaper.

Scuttlebutt about Basler’s employment status began earlier this month when Mizzou officials announced approximately 400 layoffs in the face of massive state budget cuts and a huge plunge in student enrollment.



Anonymous said...

Let the wrongful termination lawsuits begin!

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Anonymous said...

Not surprised to see college enrollments declining. First of all, why would any serious student want to sit and listen to liberal progressive rants? Secondly, why would any serious student want to pay a lot of money to attend some university whose sheepskin and $1.29 will by a cup of coffee. Third, why not relax in the comfort of one's residence and go on line to get an equally marketable diploma without the hustle or bustle. The only thing missing is the hotties and beer bashes.