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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cops Shoot Man At Wrong Address

Mississippi police officers shot the wrong man when they showed up at the incorrect house to serve an arrest warrant over the weekend.

Southhaven police officers entered the Mississippi neighborhood searching for Samuel Pearman, a man wanted for a domestic aggravated assault after he allegedly choked a woman in front of her daughter at a gas station, reportsWPXI.

The arrest warrant listed Pearman’s address as 5878 Surrey Lane in Tate County, but law enforcement officers entered the house across the street at 5881 Surrey Lane. Ismael Lopez Rodriguez, the man who lived at 5881 Surrey Lane, was fatally shot by one of the officers who came to his house.

“Someone didn’t take the time to analyze the address,” Murray Wells, the attorney for Lopez’s family, said. “This is incredibly tragic and embarrassing to this police department that they can’t read house numbers.”



Anonymous said...

To protect and to serve and collect and kill you when you well, are just there to kill.

Gosh, sorry, I meant to break in and shoot your neighbors!

Oh, that's okay, officer, just take my life instead. Just a silly mistake!

Get used to it, or get ready.

Unknown said...

But there are good and bad in every profession. You bad mouth cops but they are the first ones you call when you need help. They have a dangerous job. They want to go home at the end of their shift. Just listen to the police when they tell you to do something. If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...

If I'm in my own home obeying the law I shouldn't expect to get shot.

Anonymous said...

I will not open the door unless officer announces my name on the warrant.

Anonymous said...

maybe you should READ the article. Nah, just summarize off the click bait..

Rebel Without a Clue said...

I hope that the victim's wife has lawyered up!! She has a slam-dunk case.

bayman said...

"Police officers maintain that they shot Lopez Rodriguez after he opened the door and his pit bull came running at them — they also claimed that he was holding a gun and refused to put the gun down, despite repeated officer commands to do so.

“At this point, the officers began hollering ‘put the gun down, put the gun down,’ at which point that did not occur and there were more than one shot was fired toward the door and there was a male subject inside the residence that was killed,” DeSoto County Prosecutor John Champion said, adding that Lopez was not wanted for any crimes."