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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pugh: State Help, Other Non-Law Enforcement Initiatives Part Of Crime Fight

It was back on July 10 when Mayor Catherine Pugh met in Annapolis with Gov. Larry Hogan to discuss ways the state can help address violent crime in the city. On Wednesday, Pugh spoke about the ways the state is helping and it includes technology.

“Our police department has obtained a $2 million state grant to provide laptops in city patrol cars this year,” Pugh announced at her weekly City Hall news conference. “This will allow our police to efficiently file reports from the field and check backgrounds on outstanding warrants in real time.”

The mayor also says the governor has agreed to restore 16 parole and probation officers to the city that were cut under Gov. Martin O'Malley. The mayor says that will help authorities keep track of repeat violent offenders.

Early next month, two consultants from Los Angeles will come to the city and review crime fighting procedures and make further recommendations.



Anonymous said...

Just enforce the laws that we have now , problem solved . We don't need more bells and whistles .

Anonymous said...

Who's kidding who? Hogan is really democrat. His solution....same as any other democrat. Throw more money at it. Appoint judges that will throw these thugs in jail for long long sentences. Get ride of D.A's like Mosby.

Anonymous said...

Determine who the true victims are and build your approach around them. Murder victims in Baltimore are too often really assassination targets and losers in turf and drug sale and access shoot-outs. Those are business, and the people involved in the business have a reasonable and wholly accepted expectation of dying a violent and early death. Their victim status is overstated, as it's a low intensity war, where casualties are the rule, and acceptable loss is a reality. The social change that will overcome this is far beyond the ability of government or the agents of government.

Los Angeles has had some traction working with deeply established gangs, but don't expect miracles, because they're not going to happen, no matter what your local government representatives tell you.

Anonymous said...

Why is the crime in Baltimore want to stop. They are just handing out millions to accused and the victims. Stop the million dollar payouts and use this to fight the crime / gangs. Then let the Police do their job. Get rid of Mosby and the other worthless leaders and save more money for fighting crime. Baltimore needs to stand on it's own as an independent government entity. Hogan needs to cut off all State dollars.

Anonymous said...

Hiring more cops is a good thing, but tying their hands by the Mayor and by prosecuting them for doing their jobs negates the good thing tenfold.

Y'all need a new Mayor before Y'all die off.

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

I dont have problem with Hogan restoring 16 parole officers as long he trims down 16 Baltimore City bureucrats, starting with Mosby.