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Thursday, July 27, 2017

OC Restaurant Names Dishes After Kids’ Whiny Complaints

Screaming “I’m not hungry!” orders you a basket of chicken tenders

Fager’s Island, a restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, knows what your kid wants for lunch.

It doesn’t matter how whiny, upset, or squeamish your child is on your vacation — if they let loose a whine, this menu has a response. Titles like “I don’t care” and “I’m not hungry” serve as the ultimate guide to deciding what to order for your tantrum-throwing child. The concept is simple: Hear the complaint, pick a menu option.

So really, no child gets away with throwing a tantrum at this smart establishment. They can screech whatever protest they want — and they’ll just get ordered a kid-friendly classic in response. The “I don’t want that” delivers French fries. The “What?” is a cheese quesadilla.



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Anonymous said...

I would name that Bourbon Pecan Pie " No, I really shouldn't
And that Lemon Lust " I better not, I'm on a diet"

Anonymous said...

Those children will later in life find that government works much the same way.

Anonymous said...

A meal out costs way too much to put up with screaming kids. Try Sunset Grille. The best!!