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Monday, July 10, 2017

New Program At Furnace Town Spotlights Artisans

SNOW HILL – A new program at Furnace Town Living Heritage Village is giving visitors a chance to expand their knowledge of local history.

Furnace Town is now offering Folk School several times a month. The new program, launched in May, gives attendees the chance to learn skills like broom making and weaving from Furnace Town’s artisans.

“We’ve given guests the opportunity to learn from our artisans,” said Patrick Rofe, executive director of Furnace Town.

Rofe said the Folk School concept had been germinating for several years and that officials decided to finally give it a try this year. Since May, Furnace Town has hosted three Folk School events a month. Typically held on Saturdays, the sessions allow those with an interest in 19th century history to learn key trades from the time period. So far, Furnace Town has hosted weaving, broom making and printing classes. Participants are able to learn from Furnace Town’s regular artisans.


1 comment:

Jim said...

This is a great opportunity for the younger folks to learn these things.
If they don't, nobody will be doing them anymore because the older ones who have the knowledge/skills will be gone.

Stop for a moment and think of one or two who might be interested in learning, then let them know about it.

They would have a GREAT time demonstrating these skills in the festivals.