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Monday, July 10, 2017

Roy Moore, fiery and outspoken, stirs far-right base in Alabama Senate race

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore doesn’t shrink from telling voters he has twice been ousted from the bench for defying federal courts over the Ten Commandments and same-sex marriage.

Instead, he wears those rejections as a badge of honor, telling Republican voters that they are akin to battle scars.

“I will not only say what is right, I will do what is right,” Moore said during a June forum in the east Alabama city of Oxford.

Moore is part of a crowded GOP field vying to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ old seat in the U.S. Senate. Moore’s iconic status in the culture wars gives him a strong GOP voter base and makes him a leading contender in the primary on August 15.

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Anonymous said...

Does that mean that I can violate the courts for my own beliefs or is that a privilege reserved for judges and justices?

lmclain said...

You dummy.
It's reserved for them.

Keep cheering.