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Monday, July 10, 2017

Hacked DNC servers: Will government ever be given access?

As President Trump reportedly questions Russian President Vladimir Putin on alleged Russian interference in the U.S. election, there is a growing focus on a different, as-yet-unanswered question: Where are the Democratic National Committee servers that were allegedly breached by Russian hackers, and has anyone in the government been able to look at them?

The notion that Russia interfered with the U.S. election is based in part, if not largely, on an investigation into the DNC's computer servers. The servers themselves, however, have yet to be viewed by a single government agency. Some lawmakers are hoping to change that amid growing questions surrounding the Russia narrative.

What draws the most questions is the fact that CrowdStrike staffers are the only people to ever have investigated the DNC e-mail servers that contain evidence of Russian meddling, despite multiple requests by the FBI. Now, some lawmakers are demanding access as new questions are raised about what else might be in those servers, and why no one in the government has been permitted to look at them.

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Anonymous said...

We will find out the devices have been destroyed.

Anonymous said...

You mean the PAKISTAN government? Ask the Imrans.

Anonymous said...

A subpoena will get them erased or destroyed faster than a blink.

Anonymous said...

Just keep her away from 2020 and I could care less.

Anonymous said...

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lmclain said...

Looks like she just finished telling him "you'll keep your f'ing mouth shut or I'll have you and your family kill themselves this weekend. Understand now?"

Anonymous said...

Looking at that mug, makes me sooo happy we have President Donald J. Trump. So thankful we don't see that mug all the time. Now, if we could just stop it all together it would be such a nice place.
Trump/Pence 2020!!