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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Latino Activist Says He Faced Racism at Democrat Fundraiser

A liberal activist says he was the victim of "blatant racism" while attending a San Francisco fundraiser for Democrat Josh Harder, a frontrunner to be the party's candidate in one of the California districts being targeted in 2018.

Anthony Castillo, a resident of the district Harder is running to represent, says he drove two hours up to San Francisco late last month with the intention of learning more about Harder but was instead "silenced by a room full of white people."

Castillo says the largest man in the room was openly hostile to him and when he complained about the aggression to the event's hostess he was grabbed by the arm and thrown out of the house.

"It seemed unbelievable that I—a lifelong resident of CA10, a dedicated community organizer and volunteer, a proud member of our vibrant Hispanic community—was silenced by a room full of white people who allowed the largest white man in the room to harass and intimidate me," Castillo said in a Facebook post.

"These rich, white, ostensibly concerned Democrats watched as I was dragged from the event by its host, who continued to humiliate and accost me, even as I tried to leave," he said.


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Anonymous said...

Can it get any worse for the Dems? They created this freak show