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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Conservatives revolt over talk of keeping ObamaCare tax

Conservative groups are warning GOP senators against keeping an ObamaCare tax on investment income in their healthcare bill, an idea that has gained some traction among lawmakers.

GOP lawmakers have floated keeping ObamaCare’s 3.8 percent net investment income tax to help pay for more generous healthcare subsidies for low-income people. Democrats criticized an earlier version of the Senate’s healthcare bill for eliminating the tax because it generally applies to high earners.

But prominent conservatives argue Democrats will criticize the bill regardless of what happens with the tax. They say the tax is harmful to economic growth and should be repealed.



Concerned Retiree said...

Repeal Obamacare totally. Pull all tax payer dollars out of Obamacare until no illegal is taking the benefit. Then re-evaluate the tax dollars for healthcare to the needy and elderly citizens. I am not including the lazy healthy ones that are moochers off the tax payer. They get out and work just like the rest of has to. For seven years Republicans vowed to repeal and replace, but still has nothing to present. They cannot understand why the Public wants term limits. Republicans do nothing by being bullied by the DemocRATs and lose the House, Senate and Presidency.

Anonymous said...

Somehow they must find a way to make the corporations happy, while pretending to serve the public's interests.
It is a very difficult tight rope to walk.
I feel sorry for the Congress.
They have a tough job.

Anonymous said...

Listen, single payer (say Medicare for all) for emergency and small services (sinus infection, etc.) Now, people can buy catastrophic insurance if they choose as a supplement. Suits both dems and repubs and insurance companies. Win win win.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for Congress Critters.
They took the money, now they need to do what they were paid to do.
Keep the mandate and let the insurance companies make profits.
It is the American way.