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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Dem State Senator Helps Pass Bill To Give Her Own Charity $1.5 Million… That Also Pays Her 6-Figure Salary

When politicians start saying something like it’s “For the Children” run and hide your wallet asap.

TGP: Florida – Democrat State Senator, Lauren Book helped pass a bill that allocated $1.5 million to a nonprofit that she founded. She also gets paid a six-figure salary by this nonprofit.

Judicial Watch: A Democrat Florida state lawmaker helped pass a bill that allocated $1.5 million to a nonprofit that she founded and pays her a six-figure salary and the state’s Republican governor approved it. The legislator, state Senator Lauren Book, represents South Florida’s Broward County and in 2007 she founded a charity called Lauren’s Kids to educate adults and children about sexual abuse prevention through school curricula, awareness campaigns, and speaking engagements.



Anonymous said...

Anybody else sick of NON-PROFITS?

Anonymous said...

Yes the NFL being the biggest.

Anonymous said...

Seems only the people donating to politicians do exceptionally well sort of like a tax free slush fund to benefit only a few.

Anonymous said...

Democrat State Senator, Lauren Book

Democrat says it all.

Anonymous said...

She did it by the book.

Anonymous said...

By the Book!
Love it.