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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Has CNN Crossed the Line?

By Thornton Crowe

The latest Twitter buzz centers around the Trump/CNN wrestling meme and the network is now threatening the 15-year-old creator with exposure unless he apologizes. If memory serves me correctly, threatening minors was against the law - not to mention publishing their identities unless they're being charged with a crime as an adult; therefore, has the network lost it's mind?

It would seem their Trump obsession is finally rearing up to bite them in the tush because their actions denote they've become absolutely unhinged. Threatening kids, creating Russian dressing stories, accosting press secretaries and the President has become mainstays for a network out of control.

Their claim is this 15-year-old is defaming them... with what? A 15 second clip? Whatever happened to that sticks & stones bit? Seems CNN's illustratoring their lack of 'tough' stock and opting to the crybaby approach, which further damages their credibility than any child could inflict.

In fact, now that CNN has made a big 'thing' out of it, people are seeking out the meme out of curiosity -- including President Trump re-tweeting it due to its hilarity. Basically, they've been their own worst enemy. Go figure!

Many Twitter people, including Liberals, have taken to photoshop and produced a cacophony of memes now that far exceed the original offense. Some comical while others not so much, CNN now has become the brunt of the joke - as if they weren't already in that target zone!

Schoolyard games and bullying are so yesteryear but it would seem this once-prominent news organization has put on it's pink bikini and opted for a big throwdown in the mud baby pool; throwing caution to proverbial winds. So much for journalism, right?

I have to wonder just where the heck their legal department is during all this insane puppeteering is going down? Their legal eagles must know threatening kids and Presidents is just not good legal form; however, the network keeps careening down this path like a wild horse running through a burning stable.

I guess we'll have to see how this all shakes out, but frankly, and I'm not speaking alone, it's getting a bit tedious and boring. CNN has made such a mockery of themselves, one can't help but imagine what a nuthouse it must be to work there. Has vodka laced KoolAid replaced their fancy designer water? This goes well beyond the traditional rough and tumble of political fodder and into a new realm altogether!

Fasten your seatbelts, kids, we're not even a whole year into this yet! Surely, it will be fascinating to observe as we watch the continual media meltdown.

You know it's bad when news organizations become the actual news! Kind of defeats their purpose, eh?

How say you?


Anonymous said...

They crossed the line a long time ago . Yes it is illegal to threaten a minor , as a matter of fact it is illegal to threaten an adult . I don't watch CNN , I only watch FOX 25 . We are nearing the end of the road in this country with leaders like we have in the swamp , Micheal Moore being more specific. I can only assume these idiots really believe what they are doing and saying is correct in their mind , damn shame these guys were brain washed also.
As the violence continues to grow against TRUMP we will see nations pulling away from us , China is a good example .
We know that CNN puts out mostly all fake news for the ratings , they have admitted that , they are still here and Soros is smiling. What I don't understand is why the left wants to destroy our nation and become a ruled bunch of serfs. We have been a successful nation for well over 200 years .
Does Antifa really think we will never fight back ? Wrong , it's a coming CNN and in a big way.

Thornton Crowe said...

ANON 6:37: It's all about education. You have to understand the education system has been tainted pools for a while now. Most young people today lack any command of historic reference because they don't know history at all. They also don't hold any reasoning skills either; therefore, they lack the ability to discern right from wrong; good from bad; or truth from fake news. This happens when people get overly emotional and lose sight of practicality and logic. Our education system has basically robbed future generations of these abilities as well as a good one: tolerance.

Yes, it is brainwashing in the worse form. If one actually studies the Third Reich, it's found the education system was the first system breached which changed perceptions and ability to process information. The Left has methodically done this in America; however, most think it's unthinkable that Hitler stylistics would be used against us given then damage exacted by the nefarious regime. Unfortunately, due to the above, people don't even realize history is repeating itself -- this is lost on even some historians.

We've become a garden of pure ideology without substance.

JoeAlbero said...

Thornton, well said in your 6:50 comment.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's hard for me to wrap my brain around the thinking of the liberal.
You are right about the education and absence of any history , I didn't think about that when I commented at 6:37 .
Maybe we need and should force history so they understand why we are a success in the world , at least until now. maybe they need to experience the military and have men die beside them while fighting for their rights. I did and it gives you a total different outlook on life . I hope we can resolve these issues of left and right , however I don't see it happening without some degree civil war. I hope not , but we shall see , count your ammo.

Thornton Crowe said...

One thing left out of this article by oversight is to mention this: CNN is engaged in an unprecedented attack on a private citizen -- a minor at that -- because they have failed to attack Trump to any point near ruin. Instead, they have marginalized themselves further. What would you do if CNN went after you - especially when it goes to hamper your free speech?

Thornton Crowe said...

ANON 6:37/7:44AM Wouldn't you say the Civil War V2 has already begun in many respects? It sure looks like it to me.

The verbal discourse is at a fever pitch now and only getting worse with each passing day! Wouldn't you agree?

Conservative Teacher said...

Oh boy, here we go with bashing educators again... when will you guys understand morals and values are taught at home. There is no great conspiracy to brainwash children. But what do I know.

Anonymous said...

I agree , but I guess I think in more radical terms . When you attack my country you attack my family .That's a very bad thing to do . We shall see in the near future.

JoeAlbero said...

8:05, Give me a break, seriously. My Grandson gets in arguments all the time with his liberal teachers and they, (adults) get pissed off that how dare he challenge them. While there are some conservative teachers, they are few and far between. Your union tends to advance liberal minded supporters and here's what I teach at home, like you suggest. STAND FIRM IN WHAT YOU BELIEVE. Then let me know if ANY teachers treats you poorly. Finally, we're not bashing teachers. If, as you say, you are a conservative teacher, stop acting like you are being attacked like a typical snowflake. Just because you claim to be conservative doesn't mean your co workers haven't softened you so much your now considering a man bun.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

There is an inherent problem with the "monkey see, monkey do" theory. Yes, parents are the first line of education in all things and kids generally mimic their parents, however, when they are around their peers it becomes quite a different situation where the kids with the bad manners and lack of respect for others become an even greater influence on the good kids and in-turn, creating a society that becomes "meaner" for a lack of better words. When the bad kids make a snide remark, the other kids laugh. This immediate feedback only enforces the bad behavior because others think that it is funny. Now the kids that want to fit in will mimic that behavior so as to "fit in".

Just my two cents. I could go on but I don't want to bore you.

Thornton Crowe said...

Conservative Teacher. Parents do not teach history unless they're schooled in it, too. Many parents today don't know history either.

You jump shark for no reason but since you have may I remind you of a couple of things. Maryland doesn't test well in the national average as per the Department of Education and America, on the whole, ranks 32 in education amongst the world. Numbers I wouldn't be proud of if I were in your position. But what do I know, right?! Surely they give out ribbons and door prizes for 32nd place in Liberaland.

Have a nice day!

JoeAlbero said...


Anonymous said...

32nd... in What? It's first in AP testing and routinely ranked #1 in school systems. But again, you're the education expert so I bow to you.

Anonymous said...

8:05 I am not bashing the teachers. You claim to be a conservative teacher and you may be. But you were brainwashed in the same way as children are today. It is that you just do not realize it. You only teach what they tell you to teach. And as long as you are doing your job. You are brainwashing the children without even knowing it.

Anonymous said...

History is taught and at every level. If anything, NCLB, the brain child of our last great GOP President, emphasized test scores in RELA and math. So tell me how liberal I am now just because I disagree. Or am I a snowflake?

Conservative Teacher said...

Wholeheartedly agree.

Anonymous said...

I have to chime in one more time , you say we are already in a civil war , maybe so . This is what I believe , if we are in a civil war then we should take any and all measures to win . I believe the old saying all is far in #### and war. There is only one way to think , win , win , win , keep chipping at the rock . This would be the best education and history lesson available.

Thornton Crowe said...

ANON 9:17AM Your comment is just snarky silliness. Can't believe you wasted time to make such a meaningless retort. Why don't you try to contribute something meaningful to the conversation.

As for the 32nd place, that's as per World Education system numbers and it's a long-known number. Surely you don't think American kids can stand up next to students of same age in places like Asia. Please. They know American History better than college graduates in the States.

Anonymous said...

OMG Rush is having a blast with this one today! He says CNN has become a huge joke. Good for Trump and this young person for fighting back against the fake news media. More power to them!

Anonymous said...

Good for the kid. This will do more damage to CNN than the Meme itself!

Anonymous said...

CNN is a joke. They're horrible and deserve everything they get.

Unknown said...

Blogger Thornton Crowe said...
ANON 9:17AM Your comment is just snarky silliness. Can't believe you wasted time to make such a meaningless retort. Why don't you try to contribute something meaningful to the conversation.
July 5, 2017 at 12:18 PM

On certain topics and threads, you could ask the majority of commenters that same question.

You can tell when one has no valid argument or point when they resort to the name calling, insults, and other childish behavior.

I am sure most, if not all, of the regular visitors here and especially the staff know what I am talking about, as even one staff member stated such to me not that long ago.