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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Salisbury, MD ... The Wicomico County 2017 Tax Sale was held on June 13, 2017 and we are pleased to report it was a success.

The County made the decision to forego a tax sale last year, exercising an option permitted by State Law. In doing so, other choices were made to help the taxpayers with the cost of their properties being brought to sale. Advertising costs were markedly less by advertising in The Daily Record reducing this annual cost of $75,000 annually to $2,500 this year. The Daily Record was available in the Government Office Building and each municipality had them available in their offices. Those properties that were being sold were also listed on the County's website at Both the website and The Daily Record were updated weekly.

There were 76 bidders who participated in this years' tax sale which yielded 33% more participants than the average attendance over the last five years. Forty-four bidders were successful. The properties sold yielded $757,526 in back taxes. Of the $1,318.520 still owed, $800,150 is for taxes owed to the towns including expenses such as demolition and grass cutting.

Owners of properties that were sold at the Tax Sale should contact the Department of Finance at 410-548-4840 for redemption instructions. Properties that didn't sell are available over the counter beginning on June 21, 2017 until December 31, 2017. The tax sales results and available properties are listed on the County's website at

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Anonymous said...

what's up with 1400 South??

13-004714 1400 SOUTH LLC 37,686 SQ FT, 1400 S SALISBURY BLVD, S OF SALIS
Assesmt Amt 730,433
Tax Due 5,697.65$
Bid 5,697.65
Sold $5,697.65