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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

They Cut Baby From the Womb, Force Mother to WATCH What They Did to the Newborn

There is no shortage of atrocities committed by ISIS, but what happened to a pregnant woman in Iraq is still beyond the pale. Feral Pirali was captured by ISIS, and spoke about the horrifying torture a friend of hers was forced to endure.

Pirali was a Yazidi activist and interpreter, and in 2010, she was being held by ISIS. During the Women in the World Summit, she told the story of her friend, held by ISIS in 2010 while she was pregnant. Her friend was not able to escape, and the terrorists did the unthinkable to her… and to her baby.

First, they cut open her stomach and removed the baby from her womb. But they were only getting started. “They raped the baby, and they raped her, and they thought she was dead so they left her behind,” Pirali explained. But somehow, her friend survived.



Anonymous said...

Worse than animals.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

While ISIS is truly evil, I find myself suspicious of this story. It seems to me that if they cut the baby from her wound that she would have bled out and died, and how could they possibly rape a premature baby? Something doesn't seem right about this.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 1:37 - but than again I don't have any faith "Right Wing News". It leans too far to the right and greatly exaggerates their writings. IMO.

Anonymous said...

Such a peaceful "religion".

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! They ARE animals.