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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

US Soldiers Wounded In Latest "Insider" Attack At Afghan Base

Several US soldiers were wounded on Saturday after being shot by an Afghan soldier at a base in northern Afghanistan on Saturday, the third “insider” attack on US troops stationed in the country this year, and the second on one week. Initially conflicting reports emerged about the number of casualties in the attack, with Afghan officials telling Reuters that four US troops had been killed; that number has since been revised.

Here’s Reuters:

A spokesman for the U.S. military command in Kabul denied earlier comments by an Afghan official that Americans had been killed, but confirmed that an unspecified number of soldiers had been wounded at Camp Shaheen, the headquarters of the Afghan army's 209th Corps in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif.

At least one Afghan soldier was killed and another wounded, the U.S. official said. Abdul Qahar Araam, spokesman for the Afghan army's 209th Corps, had announced that an Afghan soldier shot and killed four U.S. troops inside the base.

The German military heads the multinational advising mission based in Mazar-i-Sharif. A spokeswoman for the German forces at the joint mission command in Potsdam said "according to what we know right now, no Germans were affected".

On June 11, three U.S. soldiers were killed and a fourth wounded when an Afghan soldier opened fire on them at a base in eastern Afghanistan's Nangarhar province.

As of yet, no group has taken credit for Saturday’s attack. The Taliban took credit for a similar attack that unfolded a week ago in Eastern Afghanistan that left three US troops dead and one wounded.



Anonymous said...

It's getting harder to remember why we're over there.

Anonymous said...

To this day , I don't understand WHY.

Anonymous said...

WE aren't over there.
Some of our children are 'over there' guarding the poppy fields so the drug war lords can't get them.

For WHOM are they guarding them to harvest?

Anonymous said...

Judging by the sheer amount of heroin on the streets of America I would suggest they are guarding the poppies for their bosses. The US Government and Military.

Anonymous said...

As Smedley Butler once said, "War is hell"
He also said, All wars are bankers' wars.

War is for profit.

If you don't realize that yet and you are an adult, then you are a victim of brain washing / mind control.
Wake up.