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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

10,000 Muslims Committed To March AGAINST Terrorism – Guess How Many Showed Up

In Cologne, Germany, over the weekend, organizers had anticipated more than 10,000 Muslims would show up at an anti-terrorism rally. Not so much. ABC is touting that 1,000 showed up, but it’s ABC… after their lying over the Tea Party rallies, does anyone really believe them anymore? The point is, Muslims are just not that into protesting against Islamists killing in the name of Allah. Many, many, many support it openly or quietly. Euronews reported that several hundred showed up, which is probably closer to the truth here. And they weren’t all Muslims. Go figure.

They carried signs that said, ‘Love for all, Hatred for none’. Yeah, right. The religion of peace is notoriously not peaceful, regardless of what they claim. The largest organization of Muslims in Germany, Ditib, refused to support the march. And the Turkish-Islamic Union openly spoke out against it. Saying something massively hypocritical and dumb, they claimed that to protest terrorism is to say it is solely an Islamic problem. It pretty much is. Let’s just say that over 90% of terrorism events are Islamic. They are giving themselves cover for actually supporting terrorism.



Anonymous said...

You dum dums do realize more muslims are killed by islamic terror around the world than non-muslims right? Stop with the false divisiveness and actually add to a constructive conversation on the issues

Anonymous said...

@9:05 EXACTLY!! That doesn't fit into the hate-filled narrative though, so of course they wouldn't say that

Anonymous said...

How can we help fix the problem? I all ears!!