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Monday, June 26, 2017

Study Finds That Everybody Still Hates Hillary Clinton

People really do not like former Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and that hasn’t changed in the six months since she lost her bid for the White House.

Clinton has been on something of a rehabilitation tour, giving speeches, accepting awards, going to Broadway plays with major Democratic donors and their families, and searching for Bigfood in the woods near her Chappaqua, New York, home.

She has yet to take full responsibility for her loss in November—something Democrats have been waiting for for months. Rather, she has concluded that all manner of ills collaborated in denying her access to the Oval Office.

Clearly, her strategy isn’t working with the American people. A Gallup poll,released Thursday, says that Clinton’s approval rating hasn’t ticked up a single percentage point since November. A measly 41% of Americans say they have a positive view of the New York Democrat, an identical number to a poll taken just days after the Presidential election.



Anonymous said...

Well just imagine that - everybody still hates Hillary. I just wonder why? Lying, thiefing, POS that she is.

Anonymous said...

Don't need a rocket scientist to come to that conclusion - YET, she's still in the news!

If the topic of Hillary would just go away, oh what a happy world we would live in.

Instead, just seeing the letters Hil in any story makes me vomit!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this true, who would have 'thunk' that?

Anonymous said...

Let us not omit the other nasty one that she had high hopes of replacing. That thug is still in the news also, 10:22.

Anonymous said...

I'd like MS-13 to show her some of their love!

Anonymous said...

12:15 YES! They will cut off her lying head!

Anonymous said...

All the elites in hollywood still love her,planning another run for her...losers.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
All the elites in hollywood still love her,planning another run for her...losers.

June 26, 2017 at 4:14 PM

I don't think she has another run in her. How is she now, almost 80? She might not even live to see the end of Trump's FIRST term.

I believe the Clinton's are some of the most corrupt people I have ever heard about, and that includes criminals like Capone, Teflon Don, etc.

There are rumors of dead people in their wake, drug dealing, treason and other things.

If she had no regard for us 'deplorables and the great unwashed' when she was sect'y of state, how much worse would she have been in an even more powerful position such as POTUS?

I think America dodged a very yuge bullet when she lost the election. Some people are concerned about Trump's fingers on the nuke button, how would they feel if this unstable woman had access to it?

Did you all forget the rage she flew into over the Matt Lauer interview? She cursed a blue streak, threw a water glass at one of her staffer's head, told one she looked at a wall like a stupid water buffalo, called 3 networks, wanted Matt fired, and other insane acts.

And I keep thinking about the black eye Bill Clinton sported one time. The SS stories about those two and even their daughter.

I mean, all of these and more are documented facts. How she even got as far as she did is scary enough, it would have been hell on earth if she actually won.

Mention some of these things the next time you hear someone begrudge Trump as being our president.

And just think how much MORE Trump could get done if Dems would just stopping opposing every little thing he tries to accomplish. Not even suggesting they HELP him, just stop OPPOSING him.

They would rather destroy this country than admit they lost fair and square and move America forward. And they want us to TRUST them?