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Monday, June 26, 2017

Leaked Police Report Exposes 23 Muslim-Controlled "No Go Zones" In Sweden: Plagued With Violence, Sexual Assaults, & Gun Crimes

Though European leaders and their US-based counterparts have vehemently denied their existence, a leaked report from the Swedish police confirms that there are at least 23 Muslim-controlled “No-Go Zones” and some 60 “vulnerable areas” where non-muslim citizens of the country can no longer visit safely.

As noted in the RT video below, the areas are plagued with violence, sexual assaults and gun crimes, and things have gotten so bad that police and emergency services personnel refuse to enter.

According to the Swedish National Police Commissioner:

We see developments in our country which are not always going in the right direction… We have more than 60 vulnerable areas in and around major cities in Sweden.. and we see criminality there and we need to turn around these developments in those areas… and we need the assistance of other parts of our society.



Steve said...

Okay, this is how you do it. These "Zones" have borders, so set up around these borders and one by one or ten by ten process these people out of your country. There are rules, and they are breaking them, and transportation is available. Daily deportation without belongings without consideration of anything but being in and supporting the "Zones".

Done deal, see ya later. Get your Country back.

Anonymous said...

LOL you and Hillary wanted them u deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Just googles tower hamlets brits have had there eyes shut x 20 yrs to bow down to Islam.

Anonymous said...

Too late they wanted em and now they've got em. Germany is next.