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Monday, June 26, 2017

Did Obama 'choke' on Russia? (Does a Russian bear poop in the woods?)

How did President Barack Obama respond to Russia's attack on the 2016 election? Impotently.

As The Washington Post reported Friday, Obama was given evidence in early August 2016 that showed Russian President Vladimir Putin was directing the hacking campaign. Obama was also told that Putin planned to continue his attacks.

In response, the Post explains, Obama was offered various retaliatory options. By punishing him for attacking U.S. democracy, U.S. officials believed Putin would reconsider his strategy. And the early options presented to Obama were good ones (though not as good as my suggestion). They included "sectorwide economic sanctions and cyberattacks that would take Russian networks temporarily offline. One official informally suggested — though never formally proposed — moving a U.S. naval carrier group into the Baltic Sea as a symbol of resolve."

In the end, Obama effectively did nothing.

He "feared that any action would be seen as political and that Putin, motivated by a seething resentment of Clinton, was prepared to go beyond fake news and email dumps."

It's a pathetic excuse.



Anonymous said...

He wasn't the only one with a seething resentment of Shrillary ! I wouldn't vote for her if she was associated with any party.

Anonymous said...

I feel that it was because he had it built into his plan involving his "shadow government". It would allow Russia, as his partner, to play a part in destroying the US Democracy. Russia already had Hillary blackmailed and if she won he would have a strong hand with both Hillary and Obama under his control.

Anonymous said...

Barry did exactly what he was told to do.
He had bosses.

The same bosses as Mr. Trump.
And Bill. And W. And H.

Unknown said...

Trump said he didn't choke. He just thought killary was going to win and he didn't want to rock the boat. Well, he got fooled, just like some of his followers were fooled for 8 terrible years.

Anonymous said...

No, he choked on EVERYTHING