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Monday, June 26, 2017

Rumors of Supreme Court vacancy spark liberal panic

The potential for another Supreme Court vacancy coming open later this year appears to have liberals panicking.

Rumors of Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement have swirled for months but recently reached a fever pitch inside the Beltway. Shortly after the presidential election in November, the Supreme Court shot down speculation that Kennedy would leave the high court this year. But Republican Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Chuck Grassley of Iowa, both Senate Judiciary Committee members, have said that they expect another vacancy this summer.

Elizabeth Wydra, president of the liberal Constitutional Accountability Center, wrote an opinion piece this week urging, "Justice Kennedy, don't abandon your legacy."

"In the Trump era — with a Senate confirmation process now subject to a simple majority vote, thanks to McConnell and Senate Republicans — it is impossible to imagine any stronger or more able steward of Justice Kennedy's legacy than Kennedy himself," Wydra wrote. "Despite all the pressure and pointed rumors of his retirement, he surely realizes this.

"In the years ahead, Kennedy's influence over the nation's future will be more compelling than ever. In short, the Supreme Court is once again the Kennedy Court."



Anonymous said...

And Ginsberg is a walking time bomb.

Anonymous said...

So what? Does this scare people? I'm retiring, and that's just the way it is. Replacing a Supreme Court Justice is simply choosing the best candidate who understands and can follow the Constitution, you know, the little booklet that fits in your shirt pocket!

Democrats hate that...

Anonymous said...

Retire, go ahead and retire, you can be replaced with someone who will actually follow the Constitution of the U.S. And as for Ginsburg.....Lord have mercy she is way way long overdue for retirement. All she does is fall asleep anyway. She can do that at home in her retirement. Anyway, why isn't she already in Canada? I do believe she said that's where she would be is President Trump got elected, so what is she waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Very stark difference between liberal progressive ideology and conservatives. The Supreme Court is the highest in the land with jurisdiction over all. My observations are that the liberal jurists rule based on emotion and the way the wind blows currently. Conversely, conservatives are the deep thinkers and are better versed on the constitution and therefore rule along the lines of the thinking of the original drafters. Ginsberg has lost her way and it is time to call it a career. She needs to go while she can hold her head up and Kennedy should go too and not worry about a legacy or a conservative majority.