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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Paul Ryan under fire for ‘actively thwarting’ Trump

'We need someone in there who will stop giving a blank check to the left's priorities'

Days after announcing his repeat challenge to House Speaker Paul Ryan in the upcoming Republican primary, Paul Nehlen told WND he is running again because he believes Ryan is failing President Trump as well as the voters of Ryan’s own district.

“Paul Ryan is actively thwarting the president,” Nehlen told WND. “Ryan could have had a vote on full repeal of Obamacare, but he chose to bring a cadaver and see if Trump could breathe life into it. We are funding everything that was funded under Obama with the 2015 omnibus spending bill and the latest omnibus spending bill.”

Like many conservatives, Nehlen expressed frustration that the “unified Republican government” Speaker Ryan bragged about in November hasn’t seemed to accomplish anything.

Indeed, Nehlen said the Republican Congress has often been counter-productive. And the populist challenger, who recently published the story of his previous underdog campaign in the new book “Wage The Battle,” placed the blame for the Republican Congress’s perceived failure squarely on the speaker of the House.



Anonymous said...

It's time for Ryan the Rino to step aside.When we elected Donald Trump we defeated the democrats, the msm and his type of republican.

Anonymous said...

I have never trusted this cheese eater and don't understand why President Donald J. Trump puts up with Ryan.

Concerned Retiree said...

Always stated my dislike for Ryan. He is working to destroy the Republican party. He is another political rhino who is looking out for himself and his finances in becoming another multi-millionaire at the tax payer expense.

lmclain said...

Ryan doesn't give a crap about the will of the people, which was loudly and clearly expressed by the absolute CRUSHING slap across the face we gave the "establishment" in last year's election.
However, when your "career" is spent enriching oneself through bribes, back room deals, payoffs, kickbacks, and using invaluable insider info to make your salary just a bonus, well, it's HARD to give that up and find where you left your backbone and testicles.
It's a club and Trump ain't in it.
That's okay by me. It's also pretty good for "we, the people".
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

I'm old and living on a SS check but I managed to find some extra money to support Paul Nehlen the last time he ran against Rino Ryan and I will support him again. I get letters every week from the Republican party and I always send them back saying NO MONEY UNTIL PAUL RYAN IS GONE.

Anonymous said...

When Trump was running for President, Ryan trashed him.
Ryan is never to be trusted. He needs to go.