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Thursday, June 29, 2017

'My annoying cough turned out to be lung cancer'

I’ve always been a pretty healthy person. I barely ever got sick—maybe once a year or so. That’s why it was so noticeable when I had this cough that went on for months. I was 28 and I didn’t really know what I had—it wasn’t really a cold, and it never fully developed into anything. I used to suffer from asthma, but it wasn't a big deal, so I thought I just had sensitive lungs.

My symptoms started to become really noticeable in early 2015. It was little things here and there—I would bend down and to pick something up, and I’d get dizzy when I stood up. Or I’d have a cough after running up the stairs or to catch the bus. And then it got worse when I came down with a fever. I started monitoring my temperature and realized it would never fully go down. It never went below 99 degrees and would get as high as 104. I had a low-grade fever at all times, and on days it got really high, I had to start taking time off work.



Anonymous said...

It can sneak up on you. Be aware of what your body is trying to tell you.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this is the case with Hillary Clinton's cough!

Anonymous said...

I had a ache that would not go away in my right chest and complained and was scanned and examined. Long story short....nothing found and I turned up with terminal cancer 2 years later after these local doctors told me it was NOTHING.

Yes....I complained and asked for more help on several occasions. NOTHING. After a time I guess my complaining just became business as usual and I was given a lecture and sent home. Ahhh Salisbury...the great cancer healers.

Brenda said...

Salisbury may not be great cancer healers but they sure want to try when they can. I can not get over all the "cancer centers" popping up all over the shore. Cancer is BIG BIG business. I can not even imagine going through that ordeal. I hope these new center are more about helping patients than improving the bottom line.