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Monday, May 15, 2017

Tall Ship Could Return For Three-Week Stint In August

OCEAN CITY — The replica tall ship El Galeon Andalucia could be making a return trip to Ocean City in August after a two-year absence, but there are still more details to work out before it becomes a reality.

Special Events Director Frank Miller told the Recreation and Parks Committee this week the tall ship could return for as long as three weeks at the end of August. The 170-foot, 500-ton tall ship replica visited Ocean City twice in recent years, arriving in the resort for the first time in August 2013 and returning during the same month the following year.

Miller said the negotiations are ongoing and there are still some details to work out. The last two times El Galeon Andalucia came to Ocean City, the details on mooring, transport in and out of the Inlet, individual and group tours and everything else associated with the replica late 16th Century fabled merchant vessel’s stay in Ocean City were handled through a partnership with the National Air, Sea and Space Foundation (NASSF). This time around, the town is working directly with the replica tall ship’s owner, the NAO Victoria Foundation.



Anonymous said...

Good call. This is "added value" to visitors to OC. It was very popular the last time the ship was here.
Looking ahead, OC should consider a year-round attraction there. A ship with a Boating, Fishing, Nautical museum inside, telling the history of the watermen in the area.

Anonymous said...

3:54 Who is going to pay for that? OC won't pay to keep up benches.

Anonymous said...

Private enterprise is an option.
Leasing to an operator would be another.
The bench thing will be rectified, I assure you. Grandfather clause will be instated for sure.

Anonymous said...

There will be lines to get into a museum about watermen in OC like at Disney Magic Kingdom. NOT.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the bus drivers will be asked to collect another $3 fare for the boat tour. I guess they will give an additional ticket to be used at the boat.

Anonymous said...

You should apply for Director of Tourism. NOT.
FYI: There's never "lines" at the Life Saving Museum, but it's still one of the more popular attractions on the Boardwalk.

Anonymous said...

I would unbolt the bolts from the bench that I bought & take it home.The notice to pay for the repair should be sufficient evidence to prove ownership.

Zorro said...


Anonymous said...

958 i got my bench last fri sitting in my backyard