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Monday, May 15, 2017

Rascovar: Preakness Week and Pimlico’s future

By Barry Rascovar

Kentucky may have the biggest horse race of the year but Maryland has the most entertaining “people’s party” on the infield at Pimlico Race Course on Preakness Day, which takes place Saturday.

While the week is filled with more quality horse-racing than Pimlico will see the rest of the year, the Preakness Stakes is without question the most important day of entertainment on Maryland’s calendar each and every year.

But will it continue?

For decades skeptics have proclaimed “the end is near.” Pimlico’s facilities are antiquated, unable to comfortably accommodate 137,000 patrons, as it did last year.



Anonymous said...

For the last several years, the Stronach group has been spending money on their other properties like Laurel, Gulfstream Park and Santa Anita - updating facilities (grandstands, eating areas at Laurel), adding many more stalls (Gulfstream and Laurel), etc - but only slapped a couple coats of paint on Old Hilltop. Heck they just bought Rosecroft a couple months ago for $11M.

Yes - the end of Pimlico is near and the rebirth of Laurel begun years ago. Nighttime lighting will be added soon to Laurel so they can have night racing in hopes of having the November Breeders' Cup Championships come to MD.

New location of the Preakness, future Breeders' Cup dates, 3 large Casino's already built, football team cemented in Baltimore...not to bad for a state many years ago that lost football and was on the verge of losing horse racing!!!!

Ocean Downs does a good business too for the Big 3 races as well as harness racing during the summertime!

Anonymous said...

It's in the middle of a ghetto. No one wants to go there except for the Preakness once a year.

Anonymous said...

Ocean Downs is even more ghetto.

Anonymous said...

"Ocean Downs is even more ghetto"

Apparently you have not been to Pimlico in the last 20 years. Ocean Downs may not be a premium neighborhood but at least you don't fear for your life there.

Anonymous said...

Years ago Pimlico was nothing more than a porn show with a horse race. Disgusting place. And as was mentioned is in a neighborhood where you can get killed easily coming and going.