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Monday, May 15, 2017

Hartley Horror Follow Up Pt. 1

Legislators are beginning to weigh in on this breaking story with the Staff at Salisbury News.

Just in from Jim Mathias via text message to editor Joe Albero:

"Good morning. For the public's safety I shared your nursing home post with Acting Secretary Dennis Schrader, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and spoke directly with his Chief of Staff. They are reviewing the matter. Thanks for your concern and bringing this matter to my attention. Have a good week. Jim"
We will keep you updated as more feedback comes into our offices.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the follow-up. More often than not the other local media outlets fail to do any follow-up and leave us to guess what if anything is happening.

Anonymous said...

Aside from LAME stream media tv "shows", very few outlets dig/report anymore.

I am THANKFUL for SBYNEWS and the real reporting we receive here on the shore!!

Especially during the Summertime when Joe give's us the 411 on local's having their fried chicken dinners on Friday's/Saturday's!

Nothing like Eastern Shore Fried Chicken!!!!!!!

Salisbury News Staff said...

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Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!! All it takes is for someone to share their story with media who cares! Very proud of you guys and gals at Salisbury News! You all are a great voice for womans safety!

Anonymous said...

Next project, root out the corruption. When Tilghman was still in office, several requests were made regarding digging into the corruption. And the bloody states attorney's office blew us off. Not enough hard evidence. Just the "appearance" of impropriety is not enough.

The evidence has got to be there. Too many sweetheart deals to not be. Find it. Find a way to make it go federal, so it can be pursued by people not influenced by the GOB network around here.

Now that would be a public service. And it would vindicate the work Terry and Debbie attempted.


Anonymous said...

Thank you SBYNEWS for being the first to get this story out there! Maybe something will bring change, keeping healthcare professionals safe, keeping our most vulnerable people in the community safe which are the patients. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sailsbury news the only news outlet that cares about the people.Thanks to Joe and staff.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't just Hartley trying to cover this up but local media played its part in the subterfuge. Just disgusting our local media doesn't care about the community and its safety issues. With no viewers there's no need for a station or newsroom. Has anyone complained to Gannett headquarters about this?

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Gary Crowley, administrator. For not doing more to at the very least get security in there. And telling the nurse who charted the incident EXACTLY what to write! This nurse stated this herself.

Anonymous said...

As a nurse, I would NEVER deviate from the facts when charting. I don't care who told me to. I worked way too hard for my license and it's my bread and butter. My heart aches for the victim(s) but that nurse as well. I pray she doesn't face consequences for fraudulent documentation when she was could have felt bullied to do so.