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Monday, May 15, 2017

Seasonal Officer Recruitment Up Over Last Year

OCEAN CITY — With Memorial Day now just weeks away, the Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) is preparing its seasonal officers for another summer season and the total number is looking better than it did a few months ago.

OCPD Ross Buzzuro on Monday briefed the Police Commission on the status of the seasonal police officer recruitment and training efforts. Buzzuro said the seasonal officer training academy began last Saturday. In terms of raw numbers, the chief said there were 73 new seasonal officers to go along with four returning seasonal officers.

That brings the total to 77, which is considerably lower than just a few years ago when the OCPD hired well over 100 seasonal officers, but with today’s challenges in getting young people interested in police work along with more jobs in police work than candidates, Buzzuro said he was comfortable with the number heading into the summer season.



Anonymous said...

Four returning officers?! That's not so good out of a field of over 70 who were hired last year.
The plans are afoot for creating dormitory spaces for foreign seasonal workers. There should be the same for seasonal officers, who work 12 on 12 off, not including their court time.

Anonymous said...

Armed Snowflakes ?

Anonymous said...

So what? Meehan and the rest still aren't going to patrol the boardwalk! Already, the homeless are harassing daytime visitors, and, as usual, the thugs take over after 10.

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to be a cop now.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nobody should want to become a cop.
It is a filthy profession - tax collector for the rotten illegitimate government.

Earn an honest living instead.

Anonymous said...

I am a retired Police Officer. Today a lot of people would not even consider being a Police officer. Because of all the liberal idiots and former President Obama, putting on a badge is like putting a target on your back. The officers are just trying to do their job and somebody comes along and wants to shoot at them or try and kill them. Not because of anything they have done wrong but just because they are police officers. it is a different world out there now. Thanks Obama.

Anonymous said...

So solving a child murder or rape isn't honest?

Anonymous said...

I support officers, have friends and others close who are but the one thing i disagree and have had heated debates with them about is the one term you used and most do, "just doing their job". You as an officer have more power than any other individual in the country however you blindly will enforce shit laws under the guise of "just doing my job". Im not talking about crimes involving morality, those would be enforced by humanity and have been before organized enforcement, violence theft are no brainers, but you all have stooped to a new low and hid behind "just doing my job" too long, time for you as officers to wake up and enforce what makes sense not what makes money or makes you feel like a big man or powerful woman. The sign of a truely wise person is restraint. Officers have lost it in the brain wash of their superiors and legislators thinking legislation equals behavior. I support you guys but leave the egos at home.