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Monday, May 15, 2017

Seven members of '72 Dolphins suffered brain injuries

The 1972 Miami Dolphins made history as the only team to ever go undefeated and win the Super Bowl in a single season.

Forty five years later, key members of the legendary squad are now paying a dear price for their sacrifice.

At least seven players from that team either have suffered or are currently suffering from cognitive disease that experts believe were caused by repeated head trauma suffered during their days on the gridiron, according to the Miami Herald.

Earlier this week, Sports Illustrated profiled the decline of the Dolphins' rugged captain, Nick Buoniconti.

The 76-year-old former middle linebacker for the Dolphins and Patriots was diagnosed with dementia in October 2016.



Anonymous said...

This is getting much worse than the "Shield" (NFL) ever expected and Goddell still will not discuss it. Hundreds of Millions of dollars (court settlement) won't touch the years of pain for players and their families/

YES its a game, YES its a price you pay to play - but the way the "Shield" handled this in the past (as if head injuries didn't exist)...awful!

Anonymous said...

Someone wants a settlement.

Anonymous said...

This a narrative the leftists have been pushing to end football and all things American for that matter. Every example that they give can also be attributed to the long term use of steroids.

lmclain said...

He's 76, for God's sake.

He's had a life that very very few people could ever have....

There's a price for everything. He's paying his....
That's life.

Less is More said...

Isn't football a contact sport? Yes. Well, like being a cop, there's a certain assumed risk when you play football you will sustain injuries, including to the head regardless of the helmets. Once again, people need to take responsibility for their own personal decisions. No one forced these players to play football. They could've become accountants, lawyers or indian chiefs and stayed off the football field. I'm sorry if they have sustained injuries but they chose to play a sport where this was a likelihood of happening so why is it that people expect them to be compensated for their own decision? What has this country come to? Such an abuse of the legal system, it's gone beyond all limits of comprehension.

Anonymous said...

I got brain damage from reading some of the dumb-ass comments on this site by people are just plain morons. Can I sue them?