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Friday, May 19, 2017

Subject: More Than 7 Million Voter Registrations Are Duplicated in Multiple States

More than 7 million voter registrations appear to be registered in two states simultaneously, according to data obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The new voter data was gathered from the Kansas-run interstate voter registration crosscheck program, which is used to identify "possible duplicate registrations among states."

The program began in December 2005 and conducted its first crosscheck in 2006. It is administered by the office of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who was tapped recently to help lead President Trump's voter fraud commission.

The newest data is from crosschecks of voter registrations across 28 states that participate in the program. At least 7.2 million registrations appeared in two states at once, according to the data.

Georgia (660,708), North Carolina (561,811), and Illinois (542,065) lead the 28 states studied in potential duplicated voter registrations across state lines.

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Anonymous said...

I like this line from the commission head:

"Academics and activists attacking this commission are accessories to fraud and mismanagement of voter rolls."

Anonymous said...

In off voting years, why are files not updated and purged? I'll even go help do this if that is what it takes, but it definitely needs to be done in every state.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in and voted in Illinois, Colorado, Florida, Virginia and Maryland.I have never :unregistered" to vote in any past state. I don't even know HOW to unregister. Does anyone ever do it?

Anonymous said...

My daughter grew up in Maryland and registered to vote here. She later moved to Michigan and registered there. She still gets sample ballots from Worcester County Board of Elections, even after 15 years. I dutifully fill out and mail in an absentee ballot for her every election, just because I can. She doesn't vote twice but I do!

Anonymous said...


You should be in jail!

Anonymous said...

"You should be in jail!"

Not happening, I'm a democrat. I'm immune from your stupid laws.

Steve said...

This is a recognized problem and needs immediate attention! Comments like 8:31 make it imperative.

Dennis Richardson said...

The year 2017 will be one of the most significant years since the Fall of the Roman Empire. A world wide debt cancelling Jubilee will happen & the fall of the Rothschild Khazarian mafia will injure Israel. Do not blame the real Jews in Israel for this event. The Jesuit order is the Illuminati, look at the effort of Pope Paul 3rd Farnese, Francis Borgia & their chosen Ignatius Loyola first Supreme Jesuit General.
It is all falling apart & the Prince of Liars knew that he could not stop the Jubilee that Jesus Christ promised. Satan knows that the Rapture of Christ's bride will be required for him to successfully deceive those left behind with the details of his New Age New World Order. Sorry unbelievers repent now or be left behind to see Satan's anti-Christ. Donald Trump will take down many pedophiles & treasonous Democrats & Republicans.