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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Publishers Notes: I Don't Give A Rats A$$ What Michelle Obama Thinks!

Here's What Michelle Obama Thinks About Trump's School Lunch Rules

The former first lady got fired up talking about the issues she championed during her eight years in the White House. Last week the Trump administration announced changes to school nutrition rules.


Michelle Obama had EIGHT years to turn school lunches upside down. Kids were throwing their lunches away and complaining all across the nation about how horrible it was. Of course the press, (including local press) refused to talk about it.

But this Idiot of a woman wants to rag on Trump, acting like he is trying to kill our children with the food they'll eat. Shut your big fat mouth Michelle Obama and do like ALL former First Ladies and quietly go away. I, (for one) have no interest in anything you have to say.

By the way people, did you see ONE report showing how much weight a child lost because of Michelle's lunch program? Did you see ONE report showing any children healthier because of her lunch program. 

It's all about politics and bashing President Trump. Crawl back in your hole Michelle and go away. By the way, the children of America hated you for what you did to their school lunches. I'll remember to bring that up the next time a Liberal wants to run for Office to remind those very kids who had to eat cardboard for lunch. 


Anonymous said...

Michelle, oddly, seemed to forget that the school lunch was the only organized and halfway decent meal that many students got every weekday, something that those kids looked forward to.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is the matter with these failures. Are they so dumb they can't realize we did not listen to their trash while in office. Now thankfully they are on the street, but think we want to hear from them. Do I hear postal?

Anonymous said...

By the way...are the Obamas living together? Are the two girls really biologically theirs? Is it true the former President has a mmm-hmmm boyfriend(s)?

Anonymous said...

The other day my niece came home and said they got Pretzel Bread sticks for the first time and they were really good. I asked her if she was going to write Trump a thank you note.

Anonymous said...

That will fatten her up like her mother!