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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Only Named Source In WaPo Report On Trump’s Leaking Of Classified Information Denies It

The Washington Post accused President Donald Trump of leaking “highly-classified information” in a recent meeting with Russian officials, but the only named source in the piece denies it.

Citing anonymous officials, the Post claims that Trump revealed to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak unspecified yet high-value information provided by a unidentified partner in the fight against the Islamic State, potentially jeopardizing operations against ISIS and compromising U.S. intelligence sources.

The president reportedly revealed information surrounding an ISIS plot.

Buzzfeed corroborated the story, which cited two anonymous U.S. officials.



Anonymous said...

Another attack from the "shadow government" of Soros, Obama and the Liberals. Will get worst unless stopped by firing all Obama holdovers

Anonymous said...

And four of the six attendants in the meeting have all issued official statements and done interviews to relay that Trump didn't do what was reported in the Washington Compost. It's getting to the point where the President should seriously revoke any presidential access to the failing paper because who needs access when you just make sh** up anyway. Why bother?

Anonymous said...

Who really cares other than news media and Democrats???? The working class Americans couldn't give a damn about Russia!!! Democrats better find another horse to ride or they won't retain in seats in 2018!!!

Anonymous said...

It's all fake news. First consider the source a failing liberal newspaper. Then you have to realize that the liberals Dems are trying to do anything they can to stop Trump from getting anything done as President. They keep making up lies to cast a shadow on Trump and get things derailed as these idiot liberals start investigations of lies. Then we keep seeing over and over again they lied and made it all up.