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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

North Korea Rattled by Commando-Carrying Guided Missile Sub

Conspicuous in this photo of the fast-attack submarine USS Dallas (SSN-700) is the Dry Deck Shelter, a deck-mounted cylindrical form aft of the sail that gives the submarine the capability to launch and recover special operations forces. The shelter can house a SEAL Delivery Vehicle, a complement of rubber raiding craft, or other gear. Dallas was the first Los-Angeles-class submarine to carry such a device, which also has been outfitted to Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) like the USS Michigan. (U.S. Navy photo)
The North Korean regime headed by Kim Jong-Un seems rattled by the presence of the USS Michigan near the Korean peninsula.

The former doomsday “boomer” was once loaded with Trident nuclear ballistic missiles but has since gone retro for a more conventional role, including the transport of elite American commandos in the form of Navy SEALs.

“The moment the USS Michigan tries to budge even a little, it will be doomed to face the miserable fate of becoming an underwater ghost without being able to come to the surface,” the North’s propaganda website Uriminzokkiri said.

That was how the North greeted the arrival of the 560-foot, Ohio-class Michigan at the South Korean port of Busan on April 25 — the anniversary date of the founding of North Korea’s army.



Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the Marines are already deployed and the millines are aimed.

God bless and safety to all.

When it absolutely has to be destroyed overnight, this is who you call. Godspeed and safety to all, and I hope you on a mission that will just end in peace and all coming home safely.

Kim Jung Il needs to take a step beck, or a step 6 feet under.

Anonymous said...

Under President Trump....we'll put a "BOOT IN THEIR ASS....IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY!!!"

Anonymous said...

Send in the millinial snowflakes first ?.

Anonymous said...

Are 2/3 of you people drunk when you write these comments?