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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Congressional Expert: North Korea Prepping EMP Catastrophe Aimed At U.S. Homefront

TEL AVIV – While the international community and news media focus on North Korean missile tests and the country’s nuclear program, one expert warned on Sunday that North Korea may be secretly assembling the capability to take out significant parts of the U.S. homeland via an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and is the chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission.

Speaking on this reporter’s talk radio program, Pry pointed to two North Korean satellites that are currently orbiting the U.S. at trajectories he says are optimized for a surprised EMP attack. “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” is broadcast on terrestrial radio on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia and online.



Steve said...

Okay, let's look at all the countries that have satellites orbiting the earth. They all have the "potential" to be over us and, if they had an emp bomb on board, could do a surprise attack on the USA, so, we need to start shooting down every satellite up there that's not ours and nuke every other country that ever put a satellite up in space.


All fixed!

Anonymous said...

My scenario for World War 3:
It's too simple. Not one soldier with boots on the ground; no bombs; no planes; no nuthin'.
A strategically placed EMP attack that wipes out all communication - especially computers - will result in complete and total chaos throughout the entire country.
Cities small and large will turn into anarchy within hours.
Think I'm wrong?
What would you do first if there was no phones, no electricity, no means of getting cash, no police force communications (so no police), no water being pumped?
This is what will happen when computers go down as a result of EMP.
If you had any sense of survival at all, you would immediately loot the closest markets, vacant houses, etc.
You would do this simply as a means of survival, even though you may be an honest, God-fearing person.
ALL cities will be in turmoil within hours. It will take a matter of weeks, maybe days, to have this country implode on itself.
Computer technology is the greatest invention of all time. It will also be the cause of our demise.
(Let me add that I'm not a pessimist or a survivalist. I'm a realist.)

Anonymous said...

Imagine everything from the Rockies west to the Pacific going dark. Not just dark, but immobile. Everything.

Anonymous said...

9AM is correct. When computers go down, store employees would be the first to grab and go, followed by the citizens, then the police, then the military would all join in. It wouldn't take long.
North Korea is just doing a "look over here" with the missiles. They know the real power is by attacking the electric grid. I hope we know that, too.