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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Dover PD officer’s leg broken during procession crash

DOVER – A Dover Police officer suffered a broken leg after his motorcycle crashed en route to the funeral of a slain Delaware State Police trooper, authorities said Monday.

Cpl. Jason Pfeiffer was thrown from the motorcycle after it clipped the back of a Dover police cruiser last Friday morning at approximately 5 a.m., spokesman Master Cpl. Mark Hoffman said.

The hospitalized officer also suffered a facial laceration and other non-life threatening injuries. For security reasons, police did not update his status on Monday.

The accident occurred as Cpl. Pfeiffer was merging onto Del. 1 near Exit 104 and the Dodge Charger swerved into the same lane, Cpl. Hoffman said. The motorcycle was passing on the left in order to move to the front of the procession, police said.

Several Dover Police officers were heading toward the funeral at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington in dark, windy rainy conditions when the crash happened, authorities said.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, and the narrative always remains of how motorcycles are safer for processions. It is ridiculous. Almost every funeral procession has a motorcycle collision. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't common sense dictate that in foul weather the bikes at trailered to the destination?

Anonymous said...

I did couldn't find any! ? Give us 6 locations?

Anonymous said...

The events are listed in the crazy facts made up by brainless mouth breathers encyclopedia.

Anonymous said...

Ok. This one. There were two that Baltimore City were involved with over the last 3 years. One was on I-83 and the other on I-695. MSP had an accident on York Road in Towson during a funeral procession. Cranston Rhode Island on November 3, 2016. Houston Texas on June 13, 2016. Dallas Texas July 16, 2016. Miami Florida June 27, 2016.

There is 8 right there. You must not have searched very hard. I'll help you...just Google "police motorcycle involved in collision during funeral procession".

Anonymous said...

Once you Google it, there is no need to come back on here and make excuses. Just simply say "wow, you make a great point. I didn't realize how often this happens".

Anonymous said...

I just Googled it using the words above. It is page after page of accidents. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:34...where are you bigmouth? All I hear is crickets. I'll take your silence as a surrender that I proved my point to you!!!

Anonymous said...

8:08...Looks like I shut you up as well.