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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

DE: End of life medication bill introduced

Legislation that would allow capable, terminally ill patients to use medication to end their lives has been introduced

Sponsored by Rep. Paul Baumbach, D-Newark, the Delaware End of Life Options Act would create a process and set of procedures for terminally ill adults nearing the end of their lives to request, receive and use medication to end their lives. House Bill 160 includes counseling, physician’s evaluation and a waiting period before medication could be provided.

“This is a very delicate matter, which requires great sensitivity and care. The sensitivity of this issue, however, should not prevent us from addressing and discussing the need for this legislation,” said Baumbach. “This is an issue about allowing adults facing a terminal illness to make critical decisions about their life. Many people in the last stages of life wish to retain their dignity, including the ability to make decisions regarding their life and their suffering.



Anonymous said...

Not far from "Soilent Green"

Anonymous said...

He should hang his demonic head in shame. See the horns on this demon? Nice try with the compasion angle. Satan has no compassion and most are deceived by his evil ideals

Anonymous said...

How come there is acceptable "end of life" medication for terminally ill people, but the drugs that are administered for the death penalty are alleged to be cruel and unusual punishment because they allege that they cause the condemned pain? Give the condemned the same meds, and let them go back to their cells to die.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

I believe that terminally ill people should be allowed to suffer in great anguish during their remaining days on the green side of the dirt. Don't give them the opportunity to go out on their own terms, no. It is best to make them go as God intended right, with a disease that they did not want and a painful death (that I'm sure the person did not want either). Also, let's not forget the money that could otherwise be willed on to their heirs that will now have to be used for pain relief medications and life-support. Got to keep big Pharma and Big Medicine churning.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

This is like the death squads that people referred to in Obamacare. This is euthanasia and they will then want to use it to kill off all of the older generation. It is part of the liberal agenda. They have been teaching it to our kids in public school for a long time now. They had a class class called 'Values Clarification". This is where they were given a scenario such as three people in a boat one young man, a child an an old person. Then told that the boat would sink if all three remained in the boat. Then they were ask which person would you throw overboard and sacrifice for the welfare of the other two. The correct answer was the old person because they have already lived a long life. So the liberals have been preparing for this for a long time. Euthanasia of the elderly. It would seem to most Christian people to be murder and they would be right. I know there will be a ton of people say they are talking about people that are terminally ill. To that I say that is just the beginning. Then they will move on to the elderly. Just like with the guns first it is only gun registration. But we all know that leads to gun confiscation. Also we know this is murder and against God's plan and the Bible. We all know only God should be the one to call us home.
So now we think we know better than God. Okay go ahead and pound me with all your liberal thoughts on the matter but deep down you all know what I have said is the TRUTH.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

What do the Youth in Asia have to do with anything? Is there a problem with them?

Anonymous said...

This is so overdue! We have compassion for our animals when they are suffering and nearing the end of their time and we should have the same option as humans. This strong act of compassion needs to pass and assist those that are suffering.