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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A Tour Down Homicide Lane, As Baltimore Descends Into Chaos

Last week, I wrote an article titled The Ferguson Effect: Baltimore Millennials’ Worst Nightmare. The Ferguson Effect is a theory where the increased scrutiny of police post 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Trayvon Martin in Florida will lead to higher crime rates.

Baltimore is turning this theory into a reality, as the city descends into chaos before summer start. According to The Baltimore Sun Newspaper, the city has logged in 118 homicides today with the projection of >400 murders for year’s end. It’s so bad here that Baltimore’s Mayor has asked the Federal Government for help in attempt to regain control. Even the police union sounds the alarm of an officer shortage leading to decrease in patrols. All of this is occurring as the Baltimore population declines, nearing a 100-year low, U.S. Census says.

Over the years, I’ve attended countless City Hall hearings, reviewed crime statistics, and toured the top worst zip codes America has to offer. What I’m about to show you is a unique perspective of Baltimore’s worst neighborhoods where homicides are flourishing this year.



Anonymous said...

Well that was a waste of 5 minutes of my life (now six writing this post).
The guy buys a drone, flies it over the slums and tenements of Baltimore, and thinks he's a film director?
And by the way... The "homeless" guy laying in the street certainly didn't need your half a bottle of water. He was looking for money.
Maybe he needed new shoes...the ones he was wearing go for about $125.00.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Party of Liberal Jim

Anonymous said...

I still fear charm city is still going to come in second to chiraqua.