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Friday, April 14, 2017

Verizon FiOS Customers Say They Were Tricked Into Paying For Unnecessary Set-Top Boxes

If you’ve got Verizon FiOS and you’re paying fees each month for multiple cable boxes, you may be wasting a lot of money. The pay-TV provider has an app that will give you live access to FiOS on your TV through a number of devices that are less expensive than a leased set-top box. Is it deceptive for Verizon to let its customers continue paying for leased boxes without advising them of cheaper options?

That’s a question underlying an ongoing lawsuit against Verizon, filed by a Pennsylvania FiOS customer who says the telecom giant violated the state’s consumer protection law by using “deceptive and confusing” messaging about the necessity of its set-top boxes.

The customer says he had two FiOS boxes in his house, and was paying a total of nearly $20/month to Verizon for the privilege.

In his lawsuit, which was originally filed in a Philadelphia court last year (more on that in a bit), the plaintiff alleges that “Verizon trains and instructs its employees to claim that customers must least a set-top box for each television to be connected to the FiOS network.”



Anonymous said...

I love when people fight back.

This is the same for Comcast and their internet. They make you think you HAVE to rent their modem and use scare tactics to woo you into buying their BS. You can get one from Best Buy and if it dies go buy a new one and it is still cheaper.

Anonymous said...

GREED the american way

Anonymous said...

I wish we could get more internet providers in the area so Verizon and Comcast would not be so smug with their customer service and billing. They are both just as bad as the other, but Comcast does have the fastest internet so far in the area.

Anonymous said...

Now Verizon has decided to get out of the e-mail side of things; we got a whole 30 days' notice to either go to AOL & save your contacts, etc., or another company & lose all your info. Not happy! Will most likely be leaving them altogether after I figure out the best way to transfer old e-mails from my late mother, rather than lose them.

Anonymous said...

Comcast told me 3 times that my xfininity upgrade was free then charged me $19.99 extra per month. They're all scam artists.

Anonymous said...

Verizon charges you for a higher speed internet service than what they provide you. Tell me how they get away with that? They do not provide you with the higher speed service and it is their fault. This is a deliberate ripoff. They do not or will not give you the service they automatically charge you for. I am stuck with Verizon unless I go with a satellite provider where I live.