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Friday, April 14, 2017

The least diverse places in America are places that push the most diversity

For all the open mindedness, and diversity that Universities like to push today, campuses of higher learning are some of the least diverse places you can find. This is explained in Prager U’s latest video, as they bring on Turning Point USA’s founder Charlie Kirk to discuss this topic.

Turning Point is non-profit that spreads the message of freedom and liberty throughout college campuses across the United States, with more and more chapters opening up everyday. Kirk has firsthand experience with the intolerance of the left on University grounds, and gives us a rundown of just how not diverse these diversity obsessed places are.

People expressing different points of view on an issue. At most colleges today, that’s a dangerous, revolutionary idea – if that different point of view is not on the left. The moment you enter college, you enter an indoctrination center. Remember orientation week? It starts there and never stops. They tell you to be open-minded, but they don’t really mean it. Almost all your professors are on the left – nearly 12 to 1, left to right, according to a recent study by Econ Journal Watch. There are many departments at many colleges that don’t have a single conservative voice. The administration invariably supports leftist positions. And, all those diversity administrators – they depend for their livelihood (that means their paycheck) on creating victims.



Anonymous said...

Is that don't do as I do, do as I say do?

Anonymous said...

It goes even deeper than that. Academia has become perverted, and the children they teach are swept up with a grand, empty promise.

Anonymous said...

Colleges are worthless anymore they only teach left wing liberal agendas. Save your money learn a trade.

Anonymous said...

I would love for my kids to attend college but I will need to do a lot of research and find more of a conservative one. For me its about education not indoctrination.