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Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump Is Delivering for His Voters

Column: And Washington doesn't seem to care

The imminent confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court highlights the divergence between the state of the Trump presidency and official Washington's assessment of it. If you were to judge by the news coming from the television in my office, your inescapable conclusion would be that the Trump administration is a disaster, that the president lacks any achievement, that collusion with Russia put him in the Oval Office and the FBI is on the verge of throwing him out. But you could easily tell another and quite different story from the president's daily schedule and the available empirical evidence: Trump is presiding over a surging U.S. economy, fulfilling promises made on the campaign trail, and rolling back the burdensome regulatory legacy of his predecessor.

I'm not saying Trump is a popular president, nor would I deny he's had his share of embarrassments. What I am saying is that a Trump voter would have very little reason to be disappointed in this presidency so far. The negative poll numbers are in part a response to Washington's unrelenting hostility to Trump. And his greatest misstep, the failure of his health care bill, was largely a consequence of him deciding for once to play by Washington's rules. On those matters under his direct control, the president has delivered.



Anonymous said...

The MSM is 'white noise' for republicans. Nothing they say or do is going to please them. So, keep doing the right thing and maybe people will feel better and realize why that is.
The last 8 years were a disaster, and the MSM kept making Koolaid for the lemmings to drink.

Anonymous said...

Let history judge the accomplishments as well as the failures.....just as history will review Obama's and his legacy. Smoke and mirrors, total decline in world standing, biggest reversal in racial divide, just to mention a few.

Anonymous said...

How about that promise to have legislation submitted within 100 days of being in office for pro-gun people???

Common sense conservative said...

I'm again confused by the gun wacko comments. I AM A responsible gun owner that supports basic background checks, ammo limits and a ban on fully auto, drums, and .50 cal rounds. Sorry but most gun owners support these issues. Bring on the "slippery slope" argument, founding fathers, etc. it's 2017, let's use some common sense (unlike Obama holder and lynch and even bush 2)

Anonymous said...

3:23 you're not exactly "responsible" with your firearms. I know: Md case search.

Anonymous said...

I want him to deliver Hillary's ass to jail.