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Monday, April 10, 2017

Going Without

People think it’s crazy to go without health insurance – not that it’s any of their business. But they think it is their business – and so we have Obamacare and almost Trump Care, which at least would have resurrected some connection between the cost of premiums and the insured person’s risk profile, including such variables as their age and pre-existing conditions.

If you are older or have an established chronic illness, you’d have paid more for coverage under TrumpCare.


This is considered by some to be morally outrageous.

These same people don’t, however, complain about the iniquity of car insurance costing convicted drunk drivers or teenagers or the glaucomic elderly more.



Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of these garbage articles. No jerk, the principal is not the same. You want low rates, but then fall off a ladder and injure yourself. Then what. Under your BS article as far as I am concerned you should have to pay for any abnormality out of pocket. Hope you don't get cancer because it's gonna cost ya.

I guess any idiot can write an article and call themselves an expert.

Anonymous said...


"Hope you don't get cancer because it's gonna cost ya."

So what is your theory? Get cancer and it's going to cost your neighbor?

Who should ultimately pay for YOUR treatment?

Anonymous said...

God forbid any of you good bible bumping Christians "love thy neighbor." This whole survival mentality of only looking out for yourself is what is sending America down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Mindful thinking knows WE will pay for 11:36's "perfect world".


Anonymous said...

6:26 AM you are an idiot, I suggest you ACTUALLY read the article before commenting

Anonymous said...

6:26 obviously you have no clue how the "theory" of insurance works.

Anonymous said...

6:26 AM I buy insurance that covers illness or injury. That is the concept of insurance.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want insurance you should not be forced to buy it. If you get sick and can't afford the bill, then the hospital/doctors should not be forced to treat you.