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Monday, April 10, 2017

Legislative Session Ends Tonight

The 2017 Session of the Maryland General Assembly will end at midnight tonight.

Lawmakers have considered more than 2,800 bills and joint resolutions over the last 90 days.

Lawmakers will leave Annapolis having passed a budget, a number of measures criticizing President Trump, a ban on fracking, and an education bill that was vetoed by Governor Larry Hogan.

The measure helps the state comply with new federal education guidelines. It reduces the influence of student test scores in the assessment used to determine a school’s success, and it prohibits the state form putting poor performing schools into a special school district, or converting them into private schools.



Anonymous said...

Wow a whole 3 things to be so called "proud of" out of 2800 bills and in 90 days

Anonymous said...

depressing would be an understatement!

Anonymous said...

At least will will not have to look at Anderton grinning every week.